Slept late (Dick slept right through the night!) Coffee at 8:30 – Dick worked for a while with Jack. I left the house about 10:00. Mailed $400 to Leuse and $10 to Susan Cleveland (late b’day gift) and wrote Ana. Took the puppies to [crossed out word] Pet Town, very forlorn when I left them. Then went to the Castaways and after losing a little I won $135.00. Went to the Safeway and got 2 money orders totaling $200 to send Ana. Came home and packed + put out the garbage and cleaned up a little. Not much time to spare Dick back at 1:30. Got to the plane with out much leeway Got to L.A. + discovered it’s cold. Had packed bathing suits + sunback dresses!! 60° ! We took a cab to Mary’s. Atmosphere a little strained at first and I thought it was going to be grim but it turned out to be a very pleasant dinner + visit Mary’s garden is unbelievably beautiful. She can make anything grow. We borrowed an opal and left their house around 8 o’clock stopped + got some groceries + called Leon. Went + saw him for about an hour + then came to the Hallmark Hotel. Very nice room complete with kitchen. Turned on the heat + went to bed Dick watched a little TV. Leon gave me a really gorgeous white blouse Something I would never have chosen but that looks just great on me!