Today was a day and a half. In the early A.M. watered the lawn + set the timer to do the chores at the same time. Called Joyce up + asked her over around 10 o’clock. Was vaccuuming + dusting when the phone rang “Is this Mrs Meeshells?” I said “Michels” rather frostily and then heard Ana’s voice “allo, Mrs. Patience” – She was crying through the whole call and it was all a little confusing but as I understand, everything has gone very badly – no work, they’re about to lose their house, the war, and Jeffrey is very sick. She wants me to send a letter for their papers and I told her to get someone who writes good english to write me + let me know exactly what is required. I told her I’d pay for the letter writer – She also said “one time, you say that you would like to have Jeffrey” – I told her I would write her + that we were going to L.A. for 10 days (not true but I need time to sort things out) Joyce came over + I talked it all out with her I can’t believe Ana really wants to give up Jeffrey – I think she’s just desperate for money. If only Armando had done more around the place Dick wouldn’t feel so strongly against him. We can’t have them back in the house. I wouldn’t like that either and it’s too expensive – blah blah blah Joyce loved her Marblehead Sailor’s blouse + some sandals + lobster. We went to the 7-11 for some icees for Dick + each won a jackpot (Joyce won 3!) We rested a little in the late afternoon + then went to the Tropicana for the dinner show. Marvelous seats + nice neighbors and a great show. We stuck around for the drawing for the race horse (or $8,000) + that was a crowded mess. Didn’t get home til midnight + had splitting headaches!