My horoscope said I was going to be very lucky – went to the bank + then to Wonder World to see Daisy. Put $20 in the slot machines. Could have left ahead but didn’t. Went to the International + promptly lost a hundred dollars. Went to FNB to clear out the $421 from the savings acct + then stopped at the Frontier, Had only been there once before ever + that time just for dinner. Changed a hundred dollar bill + lost rather consistently though not very much – was playing our $6 keno ticket at the same time Some very poor players joined the table so I moved to a five dollar table + started to win – kept winning. Even won a little at keno. Left about $550.00 ahead for the whole day (made up the $120 too) Sat next to a Mr. Goldberg from Berlin, N.H. Who knew Jimmy + Harriet’s brothers. By the time I cashed in the chips I was shaking – gave the parking attendant a $5 chip – Big spender. Went to Dazey’s travel service + called home. Bought our tickets to L.A. and also our tickets to Philadelphia + back [crossed out letters] all from this week’s winnings. Still had alot left over. Came home + went to look at Dick’s brick work. Walked on the coping + knocked 2 bricks loose. Dick hit the ceiling when I told him, but after an hours nap (while I stayed out of his way + fixed dinner) he said I’m sorry I yelled at you, Punkin!” Of course I was overcome. Pleasant evening + we’re both happy about the tickets The deck men still haven’t shown up but Dick + Jack are getting alot of the Brick work done.