Dick had appt. with Hartley that seems to be going well and there is perceptible change in him and his attitudes. I went to the Landmark and got way ahead + then lost most of it back. Left a few dollars ahead. Saw Lee + had a nice visit. Took car for gas + they told me there was a leak in the gas tank but I don’t believe it as the gauge said more than full + I think they put too much in it. Went to the knit shop + had a funny chat with the ladies there – went to Sprouse Reitz for some rug yarn, dropped the laundry and went to the Safeway. Home about 4 – 4:30. Forgot to put the garbage out. Dick + Jack had been working all day on the pool – it’s coming very slowly but the work is beautiful – A couple came by the house to inquire about the lot next door. Poor Dick had had to run back to the bedroom as he only had his undershorts on so I was a little brief with them. Nice chicken dinner – early to bed + then TV.