Governor Wallace shot while making a Speech.

In the early AM watered lawn + ran around dusting + changing sheets + cleaning things up. Jerry working in the garage first then when Jack came all three worked on the pool. Dick went for a compressor I left about 12 o’clock. Later than I’d planned. Went to the Tropicana and played 21 for 5 hours. Came out ahead by $75.00 Bill Ray used to be a dealer + is now a pit boss. Made reservations for us for the show Thursday night At about 2:30 or so The word went around that Gov. Wallace had been shot while making a speech in a shopping center in Maryland. For a long time no word on his condition. At night we learned there were 5 bullets in him four of which have been removed. Three others were wounded – one seriously The would be assassin a 21 year old caucasian – Odd there have been no black assassins in major political shootings here in recent years at least. Or, if not odd at least Thank God there haven’t been. Dick knocked out by a hard day’s work but ate a good dinner. I think he’s beginning to recognize his limitations physically. I started another blanket – LA plans may be shifting. And so to bed.