Mother’s Day.

Odd day but sort of fun. Dick woke early + got the papers + turned on the TV to Rex Humbard (“no 5 on the religious lists”) inspirational hour + then he went back to sleep. I finished knitting the squares + sewing them together + then started putting the blanket together. Sat through Oral Roberts and the old fashioned gospel hour before Dick woke. He called a rental place + we went to get a jack hammer – a bait + switch deal. They didn’t have it at the price or what they said they had. [crossed out letters] So we left. Went + got an icee + then the safeway for groceries. Came home + watched TV all day long until Spartacus finished at 12:30 midnight!!! I finished Drue’s blanket and think it’s very nice. Did a border + all. Only has to be steamed out and that’s it. We called Mom – Cassie’s coming on June 17th. Called Leon – at the moment we’re planning to go to L.A. on the 19th. We had a chinese dinner. Absolutely exhausted from doing nothing but giggling + silly over the TV viewing (and the 34,000 station breaks) We played yahtzee and I won the privledge of going out + playing 21 tomorrow!