Jessie’s wedding – now Mrs. Douglas Cole

Got up mid morning felt tired + depressed still. My left leg hurts – took a Miltown Paid alot of small bills Newsweek exterminator, Leo’s carpet etc. Was going to write some letters but didn’t. Was in tears over nothing. Dick very nice A baseball game on – Redsox V – Oakland A’s – We watched The Red sox won but only a few of the old regulars on the team. Don’t know what happened to Carl Yazstremski. Jessie was married at noon today. I wanted to call but Dick was against it I’d hoped somebody would call us but noone thought of it. I knitted 4 sqs for Drue’s blanket. Only 2 left to go. We started work on the pool about 4:30. I got tired so quickly I’ve got to have a checkup. Something seems to be wrong. Dick had buzzing in his ears after a couple of hours. We stopped at 8 o’clock Finished clearing off the tape. Dick [crossed out letters] set a row of bricks + did one set of steps – hot dogs for dinner + some spooky TV. Was more settled by the end of the day.