Jack over + he + Dick did a little work outside on the pool – or the footing or whatever. I made the bed + cleaned up and then went out Was lucky + hit a slot machine progressive for 587.00 – goes some distance towards making up for all the quarters lost. Dick went to see Hartley at 11:15 so couldn’t call him Then later when I tried to reach him no answer. Came home + found him sleeping on the floor with the phone beside him I’d tried him 3 times + he swore the phone never rang. The last time I’d let it ring 18 times. Called the phone co. I was very tired today, Hartley told Dick that he can’t work. That’s the reason for the step backward. Told him to keep on with the Surbex + told him to get it in his head that it’s going to be 6 months. I read while Dick slept + then went to fix a meat loaf Jim Daniels came by + I invited him to dinner. Later got very upset + depressed when the conversation went on about pools + the office + the addition. I guess it’s partly “that time of the month” – Jim left after dinner + we talked a little I called Mary Jean this A.M. and also Jimmy. Poor Mary Jean would have so loved to go to Jessie’s wedding + see everyone – Well – so would I so I guess things are rough all over. We had a nice letter from Newcomb. Dick woke at 3:30 + I woke shortly after + went into a tailspin of depression – Took a miltown – Combination – Mother’s day, Jessie’s wedding Approaching birthday, Lost hopes + dreams – black, black black.