Mary called early. She leaves for New York tonight + Colby will meet her in the am tomorrow. She sounded so happy about it. Also she has a regular job til the end of the year. Whee! Joyce called + was chickening out of the Breakfast at the Blvd but I talked her back into it. Dick stayed in bed. I left with Joyce at 8:45 – went to the Blvd. Saw Eddie + Ann + Ruth Hazard + Lucy Scott + at the end Elaine. Joyce made us sit way over in the corner. It’s funny how shy she is yet despite herself I think she had a good time. One of the celebrity guests was [crossed out letters] Clarence Hoffman who’s Ringmaster at [crossed out letters] Circus, Circus When giving his background, he [crossed out letter] mentioned [crossed out letters] 10th Man in New York and The road company of Fiddler. I went up + spoke with him afterwards + found out he knows Alan Manson but more to the point he + his wife Francis know + love Annie. He gave me his address + telephone number + I promised to get in touch soon. We went to the pet shop to ask about the dog’s tails + there was a large snake lying unattended on the shelf so we left promptly! Joyce called the vet’s and it’s 3-5 days for de-tailing. Next stop the showboat was ahead for a while but then lost. We parted company about 1:45. I went to Mr. Chan’s – the poor man is not at all well. Had fought with Hartley about rehospitalization which is what I’d thought. I wrote a letter to his sister for him and then took it over to Keno Lane Went to health food place + grocery store. Came home + Dick exhausted. Ears popping again + his voice flat again. I cannot take it. We took the stuff to J + J + came home. Decided to limit the evening snacks + cut the vitamin for tonight. Had veal parmiagian for dinner + went to bed early. Sent flowers to Mom, Annie + Dorothy Bristols