Carpet cleaners came at 7:45 – finished at 9:30 was on the phone all morning. Called Mr. Fernandez + told him Dick was doing very well. Called Ann Hall + told her Dick had been ill + about the TV show. Spoke with Mary who is going to Jessie’s wedding She’ll call tomorrow Spoke with Anne Cleveland + filled her in on all the latest. Called Lyle to tell him I was dancing on TV tonight. Called Isabel + Lucille Brown + the Sullivans to find out where Annie is – The National Theatre in Washington D.C. until May 20th. Called + got the backstage number but she wasn’t in. Mailed insurance papers to Bentley. Spoke with Shirley + the business needs $4,000. Good God what a bottomless pit it’s been. that’s $14,000 in the last 3 months Dick depressed but by the time he got home I’d undepressed myself about it + was very chipper. Went to the bank + transferred the money. Went to W.O.W. to see Daisy + lost $50. Went to the International + won it back plus $250!! Back to the bank – put another $150 in the Ana acct. Which is now $1,000 + put $150 in our household acct. Grocery store + home Spoke with Shirley about the insurance Desert Retreat has been paid off + they paid Hartley too but we’ll get that back ($135) I did some ironing – We had lobster tails for dinner + then watched Smith Family. Not much of a part really but it was funny. I’m sorry I was way on the end. Called Leon afterwards – he was disappointed I think but that’s life – (or that’s my life – Sob!) bed earlyish. Spoke with Annie earlier – they’re going to close after Washington which is too bad. She’ll be in New Mexico in a month. Mr. Chan called too + wants me to help him write a letter tomorrow.