Jack had his truck today so I used the VW Took Newman to Boulder City. Carol gave him a heavy tranquilizer so she could x-ray him. Turns out he’s got calcification in the spine – normal sign of aging. He was really knocked out + she told me he would be until evening. As I left she said that dog really loves you. I carried him to the car + drove to Henderson. The bill was $30 + I decided to stop at the El Dorado Club + see if I could win the money. Newman was really out so I parked outside + locked the car. Went in for about 40 minutes. Left $60 ahead + came back to the car. No Newman. He’d squeezed out of the little side window + gone to look for me. Absolute Panic. He was all doped up. I went tearing around yelling + whistling. Ran into the Rainbow club kitchen + a boy there had seen him when he came to work 20 minutes earlier. I went where he told me + whistled + yelled + there came Newman weaving across the Main Street. Took him back to the car + he conked out again. What a fright and how eternally God awful I would have felt had anything happened to him. Came home. Dick asleep on the floor – Had an appt with Hartley at one. Another with Bentley at 4:15. When he left I called Bentley + told him Dick was talking of quitting Hartley so he promised to be supportive I did laundry, washed Dick’s trousers, made a cake, made jello, took out the garbage. Called Angie + called Daisy about the TV  show, Dick home about 5. Tired. Long day with 3 Drs appt. But he was in a very good mood which was nice. Bentley apparently pleased with his progress.