Up around 8:00 – Dick bathed + showered + shaved. I signed a book for Dr. Boulware’s little boy. Dick off about 9 – I wrote notes about Weds. TV show to the Pigotts, “Uncle T” Willis + Sue Glick. Called Anne in Tulsa. Nice chat. Newcomb + Susan are going back to Jessie’s wedding. Told her our recent saga. Called Annabel – Mary Anne is getting married at home in July. Called Leo’s carpet cleaning + made an appt for Wednesday – called the exterminator again + Carol Whitmoyer in Boulder City. Want to have her check Newman [crossed out letters] as he hasn’t seemed too well lately. Washed my hair, bathed + shaved + nicked my legs. Left at noon. Went to the Main post office + mailed my TV notes. Stopped at the store + got some scouring pads. Went to Nancy Houssels on Rancho Cirlcle. Versie, Annabel, Inman , Martha Chase, Raelita, Barbara Gregory, Roger Unger, Norma + Eunola there among others Bill Fain + Ken Dalton + Linda. Beautiful house. Told Nancy who’s pregnant that I’d like to work on her dramatic program with her On the way home I stopped for 40 minutes at the Tropicana + won $100 + left. Guess my luck was due to change sometime! Safeway + home. Clyde + his group here. Dick had been jackhammering + was exhausted. He took the jackhammer back + the second he left they left. Will this pool ever be finished – ? It was dug on Feb 29th! Spoke with Shirley We turned in the van today + I may be without wheels tomorrow changed the lightbulbs in driveway + Dick fixed the sprinkler heads. I finished a fascinating book on astrology – Destiny times six – Really intriguing.