Slept lateish – Most of my morning was spent trying to take the masking tape off the tile. What a job and if they’d only done it immediately there wouldn’t be a problem!!! Dick went to Von tobels for some things + then came home + drained the tank. Ed Kulick over to see Dick. I had on a strapless bra in the pool + got quite a bit of color which is nice. Dick fixed the return line or something but couldn’t get it to work. By the late afternoon he’d worked too hard + tempers were a little thin. I called our postman, Mr. Bourque – he’d left his eye doctor’s appt. slip in with our mail! He was grateful + surprised. Jim Daniels came by briefly. We watched the last game of the NBA playoffs. The Lakers won + Wilt Chamberlain was extraordinary despite an injured wrist which had made his playing doubtful. I wanted the Knicks to win but it was a good game + the Lakers deserved it worked on Drue’s blanket. bed about 11. Leon called to see how Dick is.