Nice day all the way through. Dick off to the Store about 9:30. I made bed + cleaned up a little then packed + wrapped Mary Jean’s bag, a care pkge for Colby (“Do not open til after May 13th) with pencils a pen, legal pads, a puzzle, some detective stories + sugarless candy drops. Made a box of books for Sue + enclosed a box of the honey glycerine soap. Called Dick who was upset by a message from the plasterers that the Turbo heads weren’t on Bennicks job. Stopped at the P.O. + mailed off the pkges + went to the store. Everything on sale 40% off Except to some man from American furniture who got 50% off by mistake + took full advantage Dick went back to the [crossed out letters] house to look for the turbo heater Fortunately Jack wasn’t home as it later turned out the heads were on the job + the pool had been plastered!!! Much ado about nothing. We went to the Newstand for lunch + then Jim Daniels came in. Two leads. I bought “Many Mansions” in paperback for Maie Pigott + a book on “how to attract good luck” and an astrology book. Knitted some + sewed up some sqs. We came home at 5 – Changed the return air filters. I got Cottons story “The Worm the Beetle + the Snail” copied at the store. Lucille Brown called + we had a very nice talk. We watched TV + looked at a map of Maine + talked about the summer + laughed alot. Had King Crab for dinner + went to bed about 11:30. Going to work on the pool tomorrow. Have written in the wrong page – oh well. We sent for the Michels coat of arms!!! today – letter from M.J. card from Rae O’Dell + nice letter from Jimmy to Harriet (copy)