Busy day from a running around point of view. Dick off fairly early after a very poor night to see Hartley at 10 o’clock. I called Druscilla + we’re all excited about Maine. Called Mary Jean + she’s invited all the Clevelands to her house on Sunday the 14th. Told her how happy Colby had been at the invitation. Nice chat. Finished letter to Daddy and put on a P.S about M.J’s reunion. Libby Bargiel called and there’s a luncheon on Monday at Nancy Houssel’s – Said I’d try to be there + would let her know if I couldn’t make it. Called Bill Bentley + have 2 appts for Dick on Tuesday – 8:30 (liver panel + blood sugar) + one to see Bill at 4:30. Didn’t leave the house til after one. Then went to Industrial Commission to pick up new electric can opener, to K-Mart for fitted King sheets [crossed out letter] + 3 new pillows – Von Tobels for return air filters, the P.O. on Flamingo to mail Daddy’s letter, Sprouse Reitz for legal pads for Colby + some yarn to mend the bedspread, bought groceries + was home about 4. Dick already here. Both of us tired. Hartley had been delighted by his appearance (+ so am I.) Jim Daniels came over at 5:30 + we watched the 4th NBA play off game – The Lakers won by 6 points in overtime 110 – 104 (or something) they’re leading 3-1 now. We had filet mignon for dinner – watched another show + called it a night about 10:30. Both of us tired. but good day.