Called Mary in the morning + caught her just before she went to work. Told her I [crossed out word] wasn’t angry with her + after an initial stillness on her part (tension I guess because of last night’s call) we had a good talk I told her about the protein bit and also mistrials with Drue’s blanket etc. Also suggested she think twice about going back to Jessie’s wedding if there’s any chance it will be disturbing. She said she would. Dick slept very late. Jerry mowed the lawn and it looks just great. Funny overcast day – looked like rain but of course it never did. He left at eleven to go help Jack. We lay around in bed til almost 3 o’clock. Then I wrote Jessie + we sent her a check for $100 wedding present. Got the urge to phone someone so called Colby + Russell. Also spoke with Jessie who said she was going to California the day after the wedding. So we’ll see her + Doug before we go back East. Then Dick remembered its George’s birthday so we called Philadelphia + brought them up to date. Then I started a letter to Daddy and at 6:15 we left the house + went to the Jungle Club for dinner then to the movies. We saw “Red Sky at Morning” + “Airport” + had a really marvelous evening. One of the nicest in months + months + months.