Jack came by in the morning and had coffee with us at Dick’s insistence and I think it was very good. They were both pleasant + I felt very happy about it. Dick went down to the office to mark prices on things for the sale (40% off on everything) and I futzed about the house. Worked on Dru’s afghan. Spoke with her + she said she was going to call Dick tonight. I went to [crossed out letters] Valley Bank + deposited 13,000 in our savings acct and $2,000 in our hsehld acct. Went to Bank of Nevada + put 500 in my checking acct and brought the Ana savings acct up to date (it’s got $750 in it just from putting in $50 a week out of Dick’s check since they left.) Went to see Daisy at Wonder World and lost $40 in the slot machines but at least had a nice visit with her + when I told her about my poisoning Dick with the protein concentrate she got hysterical. I went to the Blvd – Market for a very few groceries + came home. Made another maple cake. Drue called + invited us specifically + definitely for 2 weeks with her + Dick in Maine from the 29th of July to the 12th of August. Told Dick it was a huge place + we could be as private as we wanted. We’re both looking forward to it enormously! Such a nice call. Leon called next + spoke with Dick but I had dinner ready + we said we’d call him back. Mary called in the interim. Very drunk + very unhappy about everything including Jessie’s wedding. Seemed to feel I was angry with her + what could she do to be nicer? Not much point in answering at that point. The only trouble between us ever is that type of call. After she [crossed out letters] hung up I called Leon back We’d been watching “The Price” with George C. Scott- excellent Nice chat. Dick asleep in the chair. Went to bed soon after. Dick Rund called in the morning to ask after Dick He just got out of the hospital himself. That was a nice conversation too.