Dick slept til about 1 today Clyde + Al + their two men came around 9 and they put up several courses of bricks I guess what they did (or said they did) was to set a kind of form for who ever [crossed out letters] pairs the deck. In the morning I wrote Hartley a note explaining my apparent uncommunicativeness last night + telling him that Dick needs help alot as he’s turning on all his friends. I wrote a long letter to Doug Forde + I paid the Anti-crime lab. At one point Dick was going to go out then decided against it. A man came + delivered bricks + block for the wall around the pool and he got stuck in the mud behind the Well house. I washed my hair + bathed. Dick in pretty foul humor but at least he was talking to me which was an improvement and later in the early evening he became progressively pleasanter but I would still say he was deeply depressed. We went to the store + along with our groceries I bought an electric mixer. Dick drove the car home + he’s driving well now. We went to bed fairly early. A check arrived from Julia Mullen It will be ample for all our needs. Jack had been going to come by but didn’t and I think it was just as well. I mentioned J + J’s problems with his daughter to Dick tonight + though he wasn’t sympathetic at least he listened – I just want him to realize that other people have complications too. And Jack has been such a good friend. I don’t want the friendship to be a casualty of this swimming pool fiasco.