Ghastly night – Dick slept hardly at all + neither did I. He’d made up his mind to go to the office + when Jack came told me to “send him in” Jack went in + came out muttering. Told me to tell the Doctor I couldn’t handle him + finished with – “if I were you I’d have him put in jail!” – Slam bang + out. Dick left next with me begging him not to go + crying Took off in the truck. I called Hartley who told me to get him there at 6:30 tonight + if I couldn’t to take his appointment myself. Hung up + saw that Dick had gotten the truck stuck in the sand out back + was now leaving in the VW. I ran out + cried some more but off he went. (as I write this it’s funny but it wasn’t when happening.) Called Shirley at home to prepare her for a dreary day at the office. Called Joyce who came over for a while. I was worried about an accident but Dick got to the office fine + didn’t head for a bar + Shirley seemed to be coping so after helping me get the firebricks out of the oldsmobile Joyce went home. I went to the store – Dick asked me to cash a check for him + I left to go to FNB Had left the book home so had to come back out first. Took out $6,000 gave Shirley $5,000 to bring the books up to date + to pay for the yellow truck. She + Carl turned in the olds + she deposited $1,000 in our savings acct. Dick didn’t want to see Hartley so I called to cancel. He also didn’t want me to see him. [crossed out letters] He drove to the bank was all over the road but only, I think because he was exhausted. When he came out I was in the driver’s seat + no trouble. We went + ordered a roof for the VW + came home Clyde + Al (thank God!) here. Dick stayed up the rest of the day – Shirley + Carl brought [crossed out letter] the transit by + an extension cord. Dick finally sleeping. We left the phone on answer til 9:30 – George Hall called + Hartley. Hartley called again but I couldn’t talk – Dick has an appt at 10:00 Friday.