Quiet day that began well + ended badly. Dick stayed in bed all morning. Was very tired + said at one point “next time I’ll believe you when you tell me I’m sick!” That was reassuring but it didn’t last. Jim Daniels came over in the afternoon + we looked at the NBA basketball championship game. The 2nd of 7 – The Lakers won (the Knicks had won the other) Now they go to New York. Dick drilled a hole in the button for Mary Jean’s bag. After Jim left somehow the subject got on to money I think it began because I said I had to go to the bank tomorrow a.m. That we needed the money to pay for the truck and to pay norm’s bill. We’d discussed this in the hospital and it had all been said. Dick fixed chicken livers for dinner and it was as we were eating that his mood began to change. He got quieter + quieter and I went over + sat by him when we’d finished. All of a sudden he said “Oh boy – I knew it was going to end up this way. Everybody wants out and I’m left holding the bag. Dick’s the big fish -” I said that wasn’t true, that he’d made up his own mind to end the business and he said that he hadn’t. He just wanted to cut overhead but Jack + Shirley + I were putting him out of business + making him look like a fool – Well of course that’s not true but there’s no way of approaching the subject reasonably or realistically – Dick was more depressed than I’ve ever seen him. He didn’t speak to me after 10:30 or so – not a word. We went to bed + Dick couldn’t sleep and I didn’t either as I was worried about him + edgy