Felt pretty grim this am. Wendy + Tina came about 9:30 + the first 1/2 hour was spent looking for my glasses which couldn’t be found. (but were – under the guest room bed) Had hoped Bob Adams would show to cut the lawn but he didn’t. Nor did Clyde + Co. come to do the brick work. Spoke with Dick several times in the morning before going over at 12:30 to have lunch with him. Caught him in the hall, his azalias in one hand + suitcase in the other Boulware had given him leave to go + he wasn’t wasting a second. We were detained however at the nurses station until it was cleared with the cashier. Gave them a check for 233.50 downstairs – Got into small discussion of money at the window with Dick which probably wasn’t too good. Dick so happy to be getting out + I so very subdued. Small part of that not feeling well + large part of it fear of my inability to cope with him at home. I was hungry – we went to the new Health Food Store but it’s still not really open. Then to the Safeway where I had a low cal plate + Dick had apple pie + ice cream. Got some groceries + came home. Wendy + Tina still working [crossed out words] I called Hartley’s to let him know Dick was out + then asked Wendy to take a message should he call back. We went over to see Jack + Joyce + most of the visit was spent bitching about Clyde. Came home to find him + Al out back pouring the footing. Wendy + Tina left the house looking lovely. I called Joyce to say Clyde had come and by the time I hung up they’d left. Will be back Monday “first thing.” We went to bed early. Had Hamburgers for dinner In some ways it’s lovely to have Dick home + someone to snuggle with – in others, as I said above it’s a little scary. But he is so much better, it’s unbelievable.