Didn’t wake to see Jack but the check was lying on the counter in the kitchen + I’d left the back door open! Grand. Poured what was left of the bourbon down the sink. Possibility of Dick’s being let go tonight or tomorrow has me worried – how to cope etc. Went to the bank to deposit Dick’s check + to get some cash. Had lunch with him. Looking better + better. Finished the “American Savage” + thinks it’s a winner. I hope so. Left at 2:00 – Drove to Vegas Village in N. L.V. + emptied out all the rubbish in the olds in a trash barrel [crossed out letter]. Played a slot machine + bought cigarettes. Then went over to Palm Mortuary. Came as Janet + her friend Hazel were walking in. Janet asked me to sit with them + I did in the front row. Very small group – about 9 or 10 in all. Flowers pretty. Introductory music took too long but all nice hymns. The minister read from a contemporary version of the bible. “My cup over flows” etc. Still prefer the King James version. Janet did beautifully + I was glad I’d gone. Mario there with Helen Wrist. Had a big black patch over his eye + looked small + shrunken like one of the 3 blind mice. Helen avid for details on Dick’s illness + Mario wanted to know the visiting hours. Told them he’d be out in the next day or so. Took the car to the carwash + had it all spruced up. Nice place. Back to the Hospital Clarence Rademacher had been in. Dick hopeful of getting out but Boulware said he’d make up his mind tomorrow. Hartley came by + said appointments next week would be difficult but he’d fit Dick in either early or late. I’d told J + J I’d stop by so did + stayed for several hours. Switched to Vodka + felt a little ill by the time I went home already. Long, long talks about the business etc. + Dick’s feelings about money + more especially¬†my money etc, etc. It’s all so complex. It was his pride in my money that undoubtedly attracted that creep Carpenter in the first place. Oh well if we can write off this phase + start anew we’ll be way ahead.