Slept in. Jack came by to do something about our pool + I gave him Bob Adam’s license and the book on pumps for Jim Daniels. I called Wendy who said she + Tina could come over Saturday morning to clean – a real favor as its her day off. Called Julia who’s going to send out some money at the beginning of next week – Dick called + had some trouble getting through – called telephone repair. Went over to Wonder World to get cigarettes and played a couple of slot machines. Evidently not a good gambling season for me but nice visit with Daisy. Joyce stopped by while I was playing + I said I’d be over sometime soon before going to see Dick I took the samples back to Garretts and George estimated both chairs at $380.00 Wow! Dick unphased but it seems like a hell of alot of money to me. Janet Goldsmith called in the early a.m. to say that Jim’s funeral was [crossed out letters] at 3 tomorrow afternoon at Palm. I said I’d try to be there but couldn’t promise. However talked it over with Dick + really feel I should try. Stayed with Dick until after 8 – Dr. Hartley + Dr. Boulware both came while I was there. Dick’s improvement continuing they’ve started a 24 hr. urine collection to test for the amonia (I guess). Stopped at Ed + Casey’s once again + told them the possibility that I’d been poisoning Dick. Had a drink + came home + had another. Then called Frank’s bar + a cab co + asked them to bring a 1/2 pint of [crossed out word] bourbon + 2 bottles of fresca. Sat there + paid a few bills + did some wash + thought about Mother whose birthday is tomorrow + talked or prayed to her. It’s been such a confusing + painful period. Didn’t finish the 1/2 pint but didn’t need to – Bed about midnight. Danny Henderson came to visit Dick + cheered him immensely