Slept til 9 o’clock. Called Julia Mullen but couldn’t reach her – will try again tomorrow. Sent flowers to Dick Washed hair. Called George Garrett Janet Goldsmith called + Jim died last night. I called Daddy + spoke with him. Asked him to write a note to Dick. Told him about Dr. Boulware + the tests etc. also told him about the letters from the Pigotts + “Uncle T.” Was glad I’d called. Got to the hospital around noon. Dick sound asleep. Didn’t wake til the lunch trays were brought in around one. Shirley came by + stayed for a couple of hours. Dr. Boulware came in Evidently Dick slept through one of his tests + will have to take it again. (It was the electroencephalogram + usually they have difficulty in getting the patients to sleep for a sleeping part of the test!) Oddly enough, however, Dick is beginning to look a little better. I stayed with him all afternoon + had dinner with him. Gave him “The American Savage” – Leon’s Indian book to read + told him Leon wanted his opinion on it. There was a big fat dead lizard across the back door when I left the house + I called Ed Kulick from the hospital + asked him if he could get rid of it for me. When I left the hospital Hartley + Boulware were sitting at the nurse station + discussing Dick with much shaking of heads. Evidently his apparent improvement has them completely mystified. I told them I was completely confused as Dick isn’t getting any of the things he’s supposed to. no vitamins, no orinase, no low-salt diet no protein milkshakes! Hartley grabbed my arm + said wait a minute you’ve given me an idea!” Then asked Boulware about the possibility of ammonia poisoning from too much protein on a weakened system  – (Boulware had asked Dick if he knew of anyone who was trying to “do him in”) Anyway they’re going to test for it. I went by Ed + Casey’s + had a short nice visit + a couple of drinks. Home + bed. [crossed out words] Irene Hall stopped in – was visiting a friend + saw Dick in bed.