Had some more to drink at Joyce’s + then slept + then got real nasty with her when I woke at one/thirty – she wanted to drive me to the hospital + I told her to go to hell. I can only say that I got alot of shit out of my system and I ought to be good now for another month or so. Dick had tests all morning + when I got there was getting very restless – hadn’t seen any of the Doctors + wanted to [crossed out word] leave the hospital. Called Boulware + Hartley I don’t know why Dr. Bentley never came. Carl Combs + Danny somebody stopped by to see Dick –  mentioned the price of the rooms + the fact that John Carpenter is back in business. Couldn’t have chosen worse topics if they’d tried. (or did they?) I ate most of Dick’s dinner. Dr. Boulware came in about 6:30 + apologized to Dick for not stopping to say hello when he came by the hospital in the morning. He’d seen Dick but he hadn’t seen him. Boulware also said he needed Dick in the hospital another couple of days for more tests + if Dick wanted him to do what he’s supposed to do he’d better cooperate or get another Doctor. Dick immediately said he understood + it was only because he didn’t know what was happening that he got uptight. It was a good visit + Hartley called too. We watched some TV and I left about 8:00. Came home + mixed up a Dick Michels special – tab + apricot juice + fresca. God awful. Dick called + we had a good chat. Then I called Leon + we spoke for a long time + after I spoke with Shirley for about 40 minutes. We’re going to need more money to go out of business with everything settled honorably + there’s no other way to do it. I dusted in the livingroom + fell into bed about midnight Completely worn out – but as I said above drained of emotion + I think that’s good