Oh dear – terrible day from beginning to end. Dick had a 9 am appt with Hartley. I did some shopping Siemens, Safeway + Skaggs + came back to pick him up. Dr. Hartley had decided Dick should get some neurological tests + made an appt with a Back Neurologist, Dr. Boulware at 3:30. Told us we should pack a bag for the hospital Dick frightened + I too. We went by the office for more insurance forms and saw Jim, Jack + Shirley. Then Dick insisted on stopping at Pat + Georges to see about getting our chairs reupholstered. Dick so unsteady. Saw Ken Dalton there. Dick stumbling around like a bull in the china shop. Fell asleep in one of their leather chairs. I took home some samples + got him out. Stopped at Von tobel’s + picked up some nuts + bolts for that damn kiln, deposited Dick’s check + came home He had some fruit + then he napped for a while. Note from Drue as we left the house. Both of us impressed by Dr. Boulware A big no nonsense man but kind. First we thought we were going home and then he decided to put Dick in the hospital for the tests. We went first to Baskin + Robbins for an ice cream cone + stopped + saw Hartley and then came back to the hospital. Dick fell asleep in the lobby + then one of the admitting nurses got him into a wheel chair + up we went. Nice room with little TV set etc Bentley was supposed to be coming to see him but never showed. After leaving Dick I went to the International + played Keno + 21 I drank + lost money + thence to the Landmark. I just plain went off on a tear + didn’t come home til 7 o’clock. 15 messages from Dick who was upset + furious. Called + told him I hadn’t turned the phone off answer + then went over to Joyce’s.