Dick very weak today Ed Kulick came over in the am. to say hello + stayed for about 20 minutes. He offered to do any chores that needed to be done + Dick told him he could plaster the pool! I think Ed was a little shook up by the visit. I wrote Gen Millar + sent her a check for $6.00 (gambling debt.) Also ordered 2 of those navy middy blouses. One for Colby + one for Joyce. Later I wrote a note to Pat Moore saying I was sorry to miss her party on Thursday. Cassie called and Mom wanted to come out + help me with Dick. I was completely taken aback + deeply touched. Felt for a moment as though mother were alive. Talked it over with Dick + we called back + said how much it meant to us but that we wanted mom to come when Dick was well so we could really enjoy her. We went over to Jack + Joyce’s to look for Dick’s drill and then we went to the office where Dick just sat. It’s going to be terrible for him to give up that place. I’m beginning to see just how much it means to him. We came home + lay down I fixed crab legs for dinner + Dick ate well. Also had some cottage cheese for lunch. We talked with Leon today. Watched some of the Tony awards and then later I watched Twilight Zone. Heard Dick yelling in the kitchen. Couldn’t turn the disposal off. I came out + flicked the switch + off it went – It was funny to both of us, like that time with the car. We played yahtzee earlier + Dick won both games This is going to be such a long illness. I’ve got to be more patient + understanding.