Wrote Cotton with birthday check (13th of April – so included a $5 late charge) Watered lawn pottered about Dick wanted to go to Harris + Franks and get the truck overhauled Fortunately the chevy service department was closed so that was taken care of. We went to Harris + Frank + he picked out a very good looking hound’s tooth jacket and 2 pairs of slacks. Nice man served us (75 yrs old) It came to $30 extra but think it was worth it. Went down to the office and I went to Skaggs for his librium Rx + more chocolate protein powder and Thrifty for groceries. Played the slot machine with some quarters Dick gave me + won $12. Betty Droz of the Retreat was at next machine + sent him her love. Came home + I was suddenly dizzy from hunger or something. Cold sweat – felt terrible. Ate something but didn’t feel a hell of alot better. Lay down + napped for a while Finished Mary Jean’s bag sewed Dick’s shorts and did some laundry. Made a pumpkin pie + fixed chicken for dinner. Dick rather difficult – has burned 2 holes in the bedspread + gets furious when I say anything about watching his cigarettes. He’s spilling everything too. If he were at all cooperative as an invalid I wouldn’t mind but he overdoes + then is terribly shaky I can’t reason with him + sometimes I get the feeling I’m being pushed just to test the limits. Had to have his pie before dinner. Promised to eat his chicken if he could have his pie first. Why? it’s like taking care of a spoiled, cantankerous child alot of the time. I love Dick but I could certainly use a little help from him. I didn’t feels so hot today myself + I shudder to think what would happen if I were really ill. I told him I didn’t want to pamper him, that I wanted him to get well but I can’t tell when I’m getting through. Read or rather reread some Agatha Christie – bed about midnight.