175 – Harold Stern called today to say things were picking up + they might still be in business. Wow!

Quiet morning. I called Hilary but she wasn’t there so I spoke to Jim instead who was very busy. Evidently Russell had been to N.L. + told Daddy + them that Dick was in the hospital I thanked Jim for helping Harriet’s brother + told him we were looking forward to their visit in late August. Also asked him to tell Cotton I would write. Then called Daddy + said we were sorry we hadn’t written blah blah blah. He told me to tell Dick that we had his love and he was pulling for us etc. He told me that everyone was going to Jessie’s wedding + I felt a slight pang but that’s life. I told him we’d both call him sometime soon. I vaccuumed the livingroom really thoroughly and the guest room, dusted + washed the bathroom rugs and the front part of the house looks pretty nice. Put out the garbage. Dick had poached eggs (or part of them) for breakfast and then got upset about where the dirt had been dumped in back. I paid some bills – telephone, Bank Americard, mystery guild, Argus Champion + sent contributions (small) to Southwest Indian + Epilepsy Foundation Went out for the groceries at 2 o’clock + came back to find that Dick was out in back in his bathrobe trying to help Jerry grade. I got angry + asked him What the hell he was trying to prove he got angry so I left it but when Jack drove up I told him to get Dick in Evidently he did very effectively! I fixed dinner – veal Parmiagian, potatos + salad + then took a bath + washed my hair. Took Dick to Hartley’s + he was falling asleep. Went + got Dick’s check at the office + came back. Hartley saw me for a while + then us together. Told Dick he cannot drive + should limit his exercises to short walks. We got back to find Jack + Joyce waiting. Joyce is in the thick of “The Godfather” only has a hundred pages to go. Good dinner + then poker. Dick went to bed at 9:30 + I followed at eleven. Joyce said the house looks “really sharp” + I was very pleased.