Today was a day + a half. Woke to see Dick had left the bed + almost simultaneously there was a pounding on the library door. Jack telling me the truck was gone! He went to look for Dick + I came out into the kitchen. Found a note saying “I can’t sleep – have gone to the office” I called him there + he sounded drunk. When I asked if he’d had anything to drink He said Do you think I’m crazy?” But God knows he sounded it. Told me he could barely keep the car on the road and couldn’t stop for stop signs etc. That he wasn’t picked up was the biggest stroke of luck we’ve had in some time! Jack called to say he was there with Dick (Jack upset that I’d slept through Dick’s departure but with the hours we’ve been keeping I’m knocked out.) I called Hartley about a possible sleeping pill + he told me 2 libriums should do it. Asked me if there was anything to drink in the house + I told him only a 1/2 pint of bourbon that I’d hid. He told me to get rid of it which I did. Called Shirley at home to tell her what to expect + she said she’d call when Jack + Dick left. I vaccuumed the dining area + was cleaning when she called to say things had gone beautifully + we’re closing the business at the end of May. Thank God. Jack + Dick back shortly after. I got Dick’s vitamins + milkshake down him + then tried to get him to go to bed. He lay on the couch for a while. He seemed very happy with the decision + evidently Shirley + Jack said everything right. Now he wants to go to New Hampshire – I’m trying to talk him into July or August. I finished vaccuuming half the living room + then when Dick went to bed started on the kitchen floor. Stripped it + tried to rinse it + waxed it. All of which took several hours + didn’t come out any too beautifully. About 5 I went shopping. Stopped over at J + J’s first for about 20 minutes. Then cleaners, drug store + Safeway. Came back to find Dick in the kitchen fixing oyster stew Hartley called to change tomorrow’s appt from 6 to 5 + asked how things had gone this a.m. When I said [crossed out word] “gorgeously” he said “Are you being funny?” Dick picked up on the other line at that point so that was it but I thought that was funny. Scotty’s books came this a.m.!!! We tried to call him with no luck but we called Leon + had a good talk. Glad we did.