Horrible morning but got better. Couldn’t wake Dick to take his pills. He would be sitting up on the edge of the bed + I’d rush to the kitchen + back + he’d be asleep again. Made 2 sets of scrambled eggs – I ate one + the dogs the other. I was in tears alot of the a.m. Prayed + cleaned house Suddenly around 11:30 I got his pills + milkshake down him + he sort of came to. Got up and had some jello + a very small amount of cottage cheese. We called Scotty about the book Dick’s looking for on liquid dynamics or fluid dynamics He said he’d try to find it – we played a game of yahtzee + I made love to Dick + tried to get him to sleep again. Jack came by as we were going to see Hartley. They talked a little. Got to Hartley a few minutes late. I went to the health food store + Safeway + thrifty. Went in + saw Hartley for a while with Dick. More talk about closing the business. [crossed out word] Hartley suggested we try to talk about it unemotionally. I of course have no emotions on the subject except to want out. We went to the store briefly and then to Desert Poultry for lobster tails + oysters. Came home + started to fix dinner. Dick called Shirley who was out + Jack whom he put on the spot. My fault as I’d said lightly in Hartley’s office that I thought “everyone would be relieved + happy to call it a day with the business.” Dick + I talked at length and at the moment his idea is to “cut overhead” + carry on by himself. Good Christ the last thing in the world he can do + get well. We had a very good dinner + Dick ate well + then had his milkshake without a murmur + I shaved him – Watched TV + I sewed on M.J.’s bag (almost finished) I fell asleep around midnight Called Daisy in the a.m and the machine hit around eleven o’clock yesterday! Explained why I hadn’t been back to see her – Dick was rational + calm in the evening and I felt we’d taken grant strides even though he’s still determined to “make it” in the pool business.