Horrible day. Dick woke at 4 am with a splitting headache. Hartley had said aspirin were bad so I looked for something else In the meantime it turned out Dick had already taken 2 excedrin pm. He was moaning with pain. Has had only one other so bad since we were married. I made him some tea but then the headache had gone + he went back to bed. I never did get back to sleep. Jack + Jerry started to work on the pool but the wind came up + they had to lay off around 10. I went out to get Jack to help with Dick + they’d left. Dick like a zombie all day. Unable to move well, function or speak. Couldn’t get any protein down him in the a.m except the milkshake just fruit, fruit, fruit. Joyce came over + I gave her some of our bread. Also some Honey glycerine soap that Mr. Fernandez brought by. He said his group is still praying and I think Dick needs it now more than before. Strange day Dark + windy and little gusts of rain. The anti-crime guy came by to check the system Paul Smith called Dick – had heard (?) he was sick. Took out the garbage + I napped in the afternoon Woke about 5 – called Bentley who said the tail end after effects of the drinking could cause a neuritis. He didn’t think it sounded too bad evidently. I went out shopping about 6:30. Stopped to ask Ed Kulick to drop in on Dick but he wasn’t home. I fixed stuffed peppers for dinner but Dick wouldn’t eat any. He couldn’t seem to wake up all day long. I called Dr. Hartley at the hospital + missed him + then called + got him at home. He said to give him the librium. He has an appt with Dick tomorrow at 4. He’s going to try to talk Dick out of the pool business. He didn’t seem to think today sounded too terrible either. We had a bad storm + all the lights went out for an hour. I worked on MJ’s bag. Daisy called this morning to say the progressive was up to $1,000 and I talked with Druscilla. Wedding announcement from Mary for Margie. I gave Dick a shave about 11:30 + he came to bed about midnight.