Saw Jack + Jerry as they went off to Bennick’s pool. Dick up quite a bit during the night. Slept after 6:30 – was pitifully weak. Seemed to realize for the first time (crazy?) how sick he is. I called Shirley who told me we out to close the business that we’re losing money at the rate of a thousand a week. I told her I couldn’t say anything to Dick now but I did – sometime after he said something about wanting to go to New Hampshire I said “Do you know what I wish? I wish you’d get out of the pool business + we could have time for ourselves.” He said “I can’t” + I said “it’s just wishful thinking but it seems such a waste of your talents.” That was all. At about two we went to Sears + Dick got some grinding tools, we went by the office where Jim had just sold a pool + then we went to the hospital + measured the kiln + said hello to everyone Next stop Fletcher Jones where Dick had some keys made + started talking leases on cars. I told him I’d be happy with the VW + he seems to agree. Went + got some groceries + took Dick to Dr. Hartley for a 5:45 appt. I called Shirley about a speech + looked for some ashtrays + then went to wait for Dick When they finished Hartley said “Well we had a very good talk today, we talked about getting out of the pool business.” [crossed out letters] I was so surprised I almost fainted. Evidently Hartley doesn’t think it’s the right business for Dick either. Dick looked so much better when he came out of there but he made me promise not to bring it up at Jack + Joyces. We got over there about 7:15. Joyce talked to me outside + told me Jack thought he ought to close the business + I told her about today. I think one of the things that Dick is worried about is Jack’s job. Not to mention the thought of paying me back which would never be possible – but if we don’t care then maybe we can let this mess go. Came home at 8:15 – Had broiled pork chops for dinner but Dick only ate half – played yahtzee + went to bed. Hartley said that the protein drinks are good + that if Dick is getting them twice a day plus the meat + cottage cheese he should be getting enough. Next appt on Weds.