Quiet day – Dick slept most of it. I wrote Leon + Timmy with checks and a congratulations card to Virginia Martindale and a too short note finally to Jill (A month since I got her letter – but what a month) I called Alice + told her Dick was home with acute hepatitis + she said among other things “it was coming.” She leaves next weekend for Rhode Island. Got info on how to transplant mums + azalias which I did in the afternoon. We called Philadelphia + spoke to Mom + George – later Cassie called. I went out for groceries around 4:30 or so. Got all kinds of fruit. Dick was working on his chess set when I came back. I did the ironing + changed our sheets. We ate about 8:45. I’d gotten 2 filet mignons for dinner and, after saying he wasn’t hungry, Dick ate all of his. We’d called Jack + Joyce to ask them to dinner but [crossed out word] Jack’s daughter was there + Mike + they couldn’t make it. We played yahtzee and I shaved Dick + took a bath. Bed about midnight I hope that protein drink has all the protein in it that it’s supposed to as Dick has been drinking it twice a day. Also eating one serving of cottage cheese + 1 serving of meat. All the rest of what he eats is fruit and I’m beginning to think he’s eating too much of that.