175 1/2

Dick slept late – after waking me for good at 6 o’clock My temper is at it’s thinnest in the early am with no sleep. Came out in the kitchen + wrote diary + pottered about – watered [crossed out letter] lawn. Clyde + his partner Al whom I like alot showed up about [crossed out letter] 9 o’clock. I apologized to Clyde for the other day. The quote of the whole week was Clyde’s earnest, concerned “But Dick never drank a whole lot.” Al just looked at him + then said “I have to let that one go by.” Around 10:30 or so Dick said he didn’t want his milkshake + wouldn’t drink it. Got very disagreeable which of course I did too. Clyde + Al finished about noon + Dick went out + talked with them. They had beer + I took Dick’s shake out to him at one point + he drank it. They did a very nice job. Al told me he hadn’t known how sick Dick was + said all kinds of nice things about him + what [crossed out letters] a hell of a cement finisher he’d been etc. We went to the library to look for information on pumps + could find nothing. Dick’s sense of balance is way off, his voice is monotone + halting + he can’t complete a sentence. The ironic result is he looks crocked to the eyeballs + it’s pretty ghastly being out with him. Went to the Blvd + I picked up his razor, bought a new watch + volume two of “The Way Things Work” – in about 6 minutes. Next stop office to get the graph paper. I mailed Hartley’s check for the balance of the 935.00 We got home about 4:30 – played 1 game of yahtzee – Ed + Casey came over for a while. I fixed veal parmiagian for dinner + Dick ate it all – We watched TV + went to bed early for us (this past week at least) watched more TV + I collapsed at eleven.