Hard to keep an accurate acct of Dick’s weight as he forgets + eats first etc. He slept all morning I worked a little on the blanket I’m making for Druscilla. it’s going to be pretty ugly I fear as I’ve gotten it all muddled up. Shirley went to court today on the Pat Sullivan business. Called to say that Dave hadn’t shown up, that the counter claim hadn’t been filed and that we have a judgement of $300 against us. I’m very angry with Dave. Didn’t tell Dick. We left the house about 2 o’clock + went to the Valley bank + deposited Virginia Manino’s check. Went to the bank of Nevada + deposited Rae Odell’s check and 2 small residuals Took Dick’s razor to the Tinderbox to be fixed. Got to the office at 3 o’clock. cashed Dick’s check + went to the Safeway and Skaggs. Saw Dr. Hartley at 4 o’clock. While I was there he said he didn’t think Dick should go to the office – he needed total rest etc. Also the low salt diet very important for the next couple of months etc. I left + went to Siemens for some non-salted bread + mayonnaise – also got some fruit. Came back + picked up Dick who didn’t have much to say except that Hartley felt if the Carpenter business wasn’t settled Dick would have a breakdown. That that was why Dick had been drinking (I don’t believe the latter as he drank almost as much before but I do believe the former) Dick got a haircut while I read a marvelous Ngaio Marsh book came home + Dick had letters + cards from Mom, Cassie + George (5 in all!) Hot roast beef sandwiches for dinner Tony Carillo + his daughter Linda + her friend Sally McKenna came by around 9 o’clock which made a very nice break. We played yahtzee after – Dick a little quicker than last night – bed about 11 or so. I called Leon in the a.m. + had a long talk with him. I think things are cleared up. The phone rang tonight + when Dick answered the voice asked if this was Richard Michel’s residence. He said yes + the party hung up. He swears it was Mary – plastered.