176 1/2

Quiet day thank God – Dick slept almost all morning. I went out about 11:30 to the safeway + the laundry. I wrote Margie a rather brief letter with love and a check for $100.00 and I wrote Mary explaining my unwillingness to talk last night + asking her please to treat a confidence as such + telling her that Dick + I have to concentrate on our own problems which are immense to the exclusion of everyone else’s problems. We went to Dr. Bentleys at 2:30 – He was very pleased with the physical progress Dick’s been making – Said there is almost no trace of fluid left + that we can stop the diuretics for the time being. Keep on with the orinase + the vitamins + the protein. Dick weighed 181 on Bentley’s scale but that was with all his clothes + pockets full of change. (Last time he came to the office he weighed 196 lbs.) He’s going to see Dick in 2 weeks + in the meantime was glad we’re keeping up with Hartley. Went over to the office + ran into Jim Daniels. I took Dick’s razor back to Dahnkins while they talked + got back in time for a brief word myself with Jim – he’s quit his job – tonight was the last night. He said that Dick had been pushing Shirley pretty hard + we can’t afford to lose her I asked him to do what he can to keep Dick calmed down. We got home about 5 I guess. Jerry had cleaned up the garage. Really lovely job. I’ve had the heater on for the dogs as it’s been cold as well as windy. Dick brought in alot of books to put in the addition. We took shelves out of the garage. I vaccuumed + cleaned pretty thoroughly + now there’s one clean room in the place. We had a chicken dinner. Leon called + was upset because he thought I was angry with him + said he had nobody but us + no reason to live + I got pretty upset. Finally let him talk to Dick + went out in the kitchen to cry. Things are getting to me.