176 1/2            Bob got Petie back. The nice news for today.

We called the Desert Retreat to make sure things would be ready to pick up. Asked Lucille to cast the last chess pieces. Took Dick in to the office (poor Shirley + Jim) + went to Wendells + got a little shipbuilding kit for Mr. Chan. Went to Skaggs on tonopah Highway for more of the protein powder, stopped at the safeway to get groceries + ran into Elliott who’s been working there for 8 months now. At the retreat I got Dick’s valuables + his medicines, Mike helped me reload the fire brick (I gave him our number + address) + Lucille helped pack the chess pieces. Mr. Chan delighted with his kit. We exchanged addresses too. Bea took me aside to talk to me + explain what had happened Monday night + I assured her that Dick had since said he was “looking for an excuse to leave” Also he bore no grudge She said to tell him they all sent their love + I know they do. They’re all very good people. Went + got Dick + took him home. Made lime jello + we had lunch at 3 o’clock (hadn’t gotten home til after 2:15) I called Dr. Bentley + he said he’d see Dick tomorrow at 2:30. He was so nice over the phone I felt supported. We napped then Dick started working on some price breakdown Sudden upset because he didn’t have something he needed. Furious with Shirley she’s the scapegoat at the moment + we’re not going to have her much longer if this goes on. [crossed out word] However he got the needed info with a couple of telephone calls. We called Leon + then Leon called back with Scott. Virginia has a new casting job for Quinn Martin. Mary called – endlessly about Margaret + A.A. etc. When I was non-verbal told me not to get up-tight with her – Shit.