175 1/2    Wind wind wind

Made Dick a high protein milk shake + gave him the vitamins I have here. Put in a call to Dr. Hartley but we had to leave before he answered. Took Dick to the office + then I went to the FNB to get out the five thousand. Ran into Bill Morris + asked him please to come get the pool. It took some time there as I had to have a new account number. Then went to Siemens for honey, cookies + protein bars. Next stop Safeway where I ran into Virginia. She told me what had happened last night + how concerned etc they all were Blah Blah Blah. Bought meat, vegetables, fruit etc. Went to pick up Dick at the office it was then after one o’clock. We went home via Art Bennick’s – His Saint Bernard dog knocked Dick over which was Dick’s own damn fault. Then we went by Stenger’s pool Dick had to get out again. He doesn’t know what he looks + sounds like – actually he’s so weak + unsteady + confused that he just plain looks + acts drunk. Got him home + was fixing lunch when Clyde came by with his helper + they stood + talked to Dick all through lunch. I was so furious I was very rude. There was a message from Virginia Martindale + Leon on the service. We set up Dick’s drawing board in the addition + napped all afternoon. I fixed lamb for dinner + he ate some. Finally got hold of Hartley whom I thought a trifle chilly but later he called back + I was a little reassured. I’m going out to the hospital tomorrow to get Dick’s things. (medicine etc.) We have an appt with Hartley on Friday at 4 o’clock. I cleaned up the kitchen a little. Everything is such a mess