Dick home.

Up at 6:30  Somebody stole Bob’s dog Petie. all he has I watered the lawn, spoke to Jack. Dick called + wanted me to pick up some [crossed out word] paper at Mercury blue print. I called Shirley Wild windy day. I took a milkshake out to Dick along with the paper. He was in a horrid mood + I got very tearful Left the hospital at 11:30 am as I didn’t seem to be serving any purpose there. Sat in the car + cried for a while. Went to the Golden Nuggett + played 21 for a couple of hours. Left even. Went to the office + paid Shirley the money for Jim Daniels. We’re going to need $5,000 to get thru this 10th of the month. It’s all so depressing. Came home + took a miltown + a very brief nap. Put together some sort of book for the teachers group. Bathed + washed my hair Called the hospital, but couldn’t talk to Dick. I left at 5:10 for Alice’s. We played 3 games of spite and malice, had a weight watcher’s lunch + watched the academy awards. I had to leave at 8:30 to go to talk to the teachers group on Rassabian Very pleasant bunch + I guess things went smoothly. They all seemed interested at any rate + Clara proud of her discovery. Came home at eleven looking forward to a drink + bed. big pile of stuff outside the front door + just as I was beginning to recognize bits + pieces of it Dick came around from the garage. Had left the hospital in a huff. I told him after we got inside the house that unless he cooperated + took his medicine + ate the proper things + rested I just couldn’t cope with the situation. I think I got through – at least at the moment. We didn’t go to bed until 2 o’clock. These last weeks have been a continuous nightmare.