Cleaned last night til almost 1 am – did some laundry etc. Slept til 9. Watered the lawn + paid bills – exterminator, garbage, mortgage, Sun + sent contributions to Channel 10 + care. Called Clyde who said he’d be out tomorrow. (He didn’t sound too well) Called Mary + left a message + called Norma Trenkle at whose house I’m supposed to talk tomorrow night to see if I could be a little late because of the Academy awards – She couldn’t have been nicer. Dick called – wanted me to go to Von Tobel’s + get a carborundum blade + a measuring tape. Also to water down the pool. Got out there about noon. Dr. Hartley there. I had permission to take Dick out on his appt + out to lunch. It developed immediately that he intended to go into the office + set about suing Grey Gagnon as evidently the pool had already been dug for Casale despite the signed contract. I got upset as he hadn’t told Dr. Hartley the truth + he told me he’d take a cab. I knew he couldn’t but didn’t want him to have to find out so I took him to the office to meet Shirley. We jumped Gagnon’s claim on Montgomery so our position isn’t too great but she’s going to talk to Goodman in the morning. We went to the Macayo Vegas for lunch. Judy there + Dick wanted to write her a note but I talked him out of it. Next stopped to see a pool Dick didn’t get near the Blvd. Then home. I was so uptight it was terrible. Dick took a librium at the office + was falling asleep. Then we had to go look at Art Bennick’s pool which we couldn’t find. Yelled at each other in the car. He went to the office to look up the address. Bennick outside + Dick wanted to stop but I put my foot down. back to the hospital where he started work on the kiln. I went out for a putty knife + came back – Dick knocked out. He’s so weak he just doesn’t know. Stopped at the Trop to give Jim a message. Played a little 21 + lost.