Woke at 7, 8, 9 + finally got up about 10 – for the first time in ages felt really rested. Dr. Hartley called about 11 o’clock + said he’d given Dick permission to go out on an interview with Casale but I was to stay with him at all times. Joyce called + asked me to take out the skil saw + then I called the O.R. again to ask about [crossed out letters] clothes + Dick asked me to bring out his laced shoes + a pr. of clean socks. I called Cassie + told her Dick was in the hospital. She wants to come out for her 2 week vacation at the end of June + I said we’d love to have her. Little Andy had wanted to come too but it wouldn’t be a good time at all + she agreed. I gave her the hospital address + she said she’d write. Told her to tell Mom + Alma it was hepotitis. I called Annabel who’s on the wagon at the moment + has lost 6 lbs in 3 days! There’s something on either the paper or my pens but they won’t get together! Watered the lawn which is getting dry + neglected + washed my hair + put on some nice clothes. The speedometer is off on the car now. Stays at 0 – odd feeling. Dick asleep when I got out there woke him around 2:30 – He was pitifully tired Didn’t eat lunch + the only thing good he ate while I was there was 1/3 roast beef sandwich We didn’t go on the appt as we couldn’t reach anyone. Dick worked on his chess set + exhausted himself, the hospital hopping. Dewayne having fits + Kitty beside herself + a new inmate Ann a chronic alcoholic with a blood clot on her brain raising hell. I was a little frantic with Dick about eating protein + he told he to get off his back but then said he’d call me in the am Was home by 9:30 + did a little cleaning.