Said hello to Jack as I was going to bed very briefly! Up at 10 when Russell called. Took the car over to have the frion (sp?) put in + a by-pass valve or something blew up! Herb got me out though in half an hour. I got some groceries was back home just as Co + Russell got there. They came in + called Dick to say goodbye. He was very edgy + irritable (Shirley had asked me earlier if he was “at all pleased” about the talk with Pouchard. I told her he’d been happier than he’s been in months + felt it was all her doing. If only he could tell her himself. I gathered up a few things + took Co + Russell to the airport We stopped + had a bloody Mary at the Goldfield bar in the terminal. Hated to see them go + wish the circumstances had been different + their visit had been longer Went to Foxies + got a lb of roast beef I had eggs + bacon. Then went over to Danny Henderson’s + picked up the tape recorders next stop Allied bldg supplies a 25 minute wait at the R.R. crossing. Got 20 firebricks, some fireclay + a carborundum blade as per request. Stopped + got cigarettes + came out to the hospital. Angel, one of the maintenance men helped Lucille + me in with the bricks etc. Shirley came by + things were pretty pleasant. Dick weighed 181 1/2 today – He’s started on a chess set I took a long nap after supper + then we talked some. I love Dick so much and I want us to have a good life with what time we have. His eyes are getting worse which bothers me. I was home by eleven o’clock. Wedding announcement from Jessie – Check from Rae O’dell saying “I love you” messages from Cassie + Annabel. I was asleep by 12:30 Dick called at one – there’d been some excitement out there.