(Called Leon back + talked with Dorothy who told me there had been nothing definite to start with + it wasn’t much of a part anyway – She made me feel alot better)

Leon called – Had a job on “Ironsides” – I told him I’d call him back as I was still asleep Spoke with the O.R. Called Mary back – she’d called earlier + had a long talk with her Then spoke with Colby + called Mary again to tell her Dick was in the hospital. I was so glad I did – She was great. went to the Showboat + saw Colby out at the pool. then went with Russell, Hugh + Evelyn to the silver slipper for lunch we played a little + lost (I did) then back to the office to pick up the tape recorders not there nor was Shirley who’d gone to Boulder City. I called Dick who said not to wait. He was all excited because after a 2 hr session with Pouchard of the health Dept. this a.m. Shirley had sold him on the acceptability of the Turbo cleans on commercial pools Wow! She’d gone to Boulder City to sign the contract on the commercial out there. When I got to the hospital Dick was in the O.T. room with Harriet + Lucille + had told everyone the good news. They were also very excited at the thought of Dick building up the kiln. They’d bought the chess set molds for him – Certainly everyone there loves Dick + takes extra good care of him. I gather Kitty had been after him every chance + they had finally restrained her. I had supper with Dick + he had 2 roast beef sandwiches – that seems to be the one form of protein he can eat + I’m to bring more tomorrow. Left to go join Russell + Co + stopped at the Golden Nugget to cash a check. Had promised Dick I’d play the ticket 3 times there + 3 times at the Showboat. It never came up. Had a shrimp cocktail with Colby + then we played 21. At one point was up almost 200 + then lost it all little by little But had a good time – home at 6 a.m. Fed the dogs + looked at our mail –