Clara Springer came by at 9 o’clock. Wants me to talk to an honorary teacher’s sorority on Monday evening – informal chat about my background etc. Told her I was flattered + would try not to disappoint her Russell called + I gave him directions on how to get out to the hospital. I called Mr. Fernandez to thank him for his prayers + told him that Dick seemed to have started a major improvement Alice called + we had a nice talk. She asked about Dick + I told her he was still in Philly etc. She’s going back West at the end of the month. I’m going to try to see her Monday. I went to the market for some [crossed out letter] nonfat milk + cottage cheese – then to the pajama counter at Penney’s – got two nice pair for Dick. Shirley’s house for the computer + Foxy’s for roastbeef. I had a pastrami sandwich there. Office next for lessons on how how to multiply with the calculator Got out to the hospital + after 2 trips in with things Dicks one remark was “I don’t suppose you brought a nail file.” It was very depressing. Russell + Colby came around 3:30 + we sat in the O.T. room + had Tab. They didn’t stay very long but it was nice while they did + Dick was happy to see them. Later he was cranky again + wouldn’t eat although he did finally get some roast beef down. I left about 10 o’clock and instead of going home went to the golden nugget. I didn’t leave until 3 am with a profit if $25. hardly worth it when I need my sleep etc. I’m on some kind of a binge + it’s crazy. A sort of punishment or what? I didn’t drink but I should have been home in bed. it’s that simple – [crossed out words] why I wasn’t isn’t so simple – or at least I don’t have it figured out yet