Up at 6:30. Saw Jack only briefly – gave him Dick’s plan to take to the office but he seems to be very busy (my handwriting is having difficulties with the rapid rite fighting it every word I write!) I called the Retreat + talked with Mike. I wrote a letter to Dick and a note to Sue Glick. Paid VW insurance, crime assoc. Nevada power (our bill only $24.11) + the florist. Sent in another Cashword attempt. Tried to call Annabel but not home Cleaned a little in the livingroom. [crossed out letters] Spoke with Janet Goldsmith – Jim’s been in + out of the hospital again. Left the house about 11. Took laundry to cleaners, bought dog food. Went to bank of Nevada and [crossed out letters] deposited $100 in Ana savings and $250 in my acct ($150 from Felix Munso) Deposited 300 in Valley Bank. Went to Penney’s to see if they had those little car vaccuums. (I want to keep the dogs clean – but they were out) went to the P.O. + mailed bills + letters + big pkge of books for Sue. Bought stamps + went down to the office. Gathered up drawing equipment for Dick. Shirley came in + Norm of Action was there for a bit. After he left Shirley told me that as soon as Dick was back + things were a little settled she was going to leave. I didn’t mean to but just started to cry. it’s all getting to be too much and I’m getting myself over tired + I guess she gave me some plans to take out for Dick to do – two that she needs by tomorrow, the commercial that needs to be engineered in [crossed out letter] two days and one that there’s some time on. Went to Dana McKay’s, it was difficult today and the tapes hard to understand got out to the retreat at 3:45. Dick on the phone. I told him about Harrold’s call. He worked + I practiced my rpdrl – He drew both plans – finished by 10:30. Dr. Hartley in + I’m going to see him on Fri afternoon. I’ve got a sty in one eye. Was very tired when I got home. Only a few messages from those kids tonight – Had a beer + went to bed.