Called the hospital in the morning and Dick was up to 198! but he was up and I talked with him + we had a good chat. I asked the nurse to have Dr. Bentley call if he came before 12:30. He didn’t. The question mark messages from Mario a headache for Jack. Spoke with Shirley. Called Lucille to say I couldn’t stop by. Washed dishes + towels + did a little straightening up, cleaned out the refrigerator and took out the garbage. Left the house about 12:45. Went to the office and gave Shirley the polaroid. Carl + Jim Daniels there. Dick Shaw came in. Got a pool to take out to Dick to draw. Went to school. The tapes we listen to aren’t all that easy to understand but the hour and 15 minutes went pretty fast. Then out to the retreat. When I got there at 3:45 both Bentley and Hartley had been there. Decision not to move Dick. Evidently Bill Bentley said that Dick’s liver is no worse than it was in October?? That really doesn’t seem possible. But if it was that bad then, I feel Bill should have prescribed more specifically and more urgently. Dick sensed a slight clash between Bentley + Hartley + if there was + is I’m on Hartley’s team in this one. Dick went straight to work on the pool and I practiced my rapidwrite. Then after eating a little of my dinner I took a nap. I took two miltowns today and I guess they made me tired along with everything else. Shirley told me Pat Garret had told her that Alice Turner had gone over at the dinner + told her Dick was very sick with Diabetes. with friends like that – who needs an etc? I stayed til 9:45 and then came home. The kids on the service again + also a message from Harold Stern. Called him + that crazy editor or publisher is now going to be selling stocks. He’s sending Dick + me $250 shares which when the issue goes public will be $5,000.00 on paper! I made some bacon + eggs + went to bed after a little dusting.