Paid for the excesses. Felt godawful. Up at 10. George cut my hair and I got out to the retreat about noon. Told Dick of my debauch – he liked my hair cut + was very protective about my hangover. He’s having trouble keeping his dentures in and I got him some poligrip at the stop and go. Also bought Playboy and the “Doctor’s Hangover Remedy” called MORNING AFTA – Took it with some orange juice and it was like a bomb shell. Muriatic acid or something. Dr. Hartley came in + wants Dick to get some medical treatment. The liver tests evidently weren’t too good and Dick needs proper diet + rest etc. It’s all a little confusing but the liver is not functioning as it should be which is why Dick’s ankles are swollen up again. Hartley is going to talk to Dr. Bentley and see about having Dick transferred. He cut down his tranquillizer dose – Dick’s seeing things which Hartley says is the result of toxcicity in the system. I had to leave Dick about 4 to get ready for the Sammy Cohen dinner. I went over to Jack + Joyces to ask Jack about a weird message on the service. He seemed to think it must be a joke. Came home + Annabel called. I filled her in + she promised to say nothing. Hasn’t even mentioned it to Jack Told her I’d sell tickets this evening. bathed + dressed + [crossed out letter] made up. Saw George + Judy. Left at 5:40. Went to Lucille’s for a drink first + to visit with Gen a bit. Stella Arakalian there – pleasant interlude + then over to Caesar’s Palace. I sold 125 tickets including one (1) to Floyd Lamb. I pretended not to know how to spell his name in revenge. We sold about 500 tonight which was pretty good. The dinner a great success + the place was full. I sat with Earl + Bea, Doc + Maise Annabel + Jack Alice + Claire Sheer. Judge Zenoff the M.C. and about as lively as cold oatmeal. Jim Carmany marvelous however. I slipped out to find Jen after Jim spoke + they had the drawing. Played a little 21 + couldn’t get a hand. Lost steadily a buck at a time. Dinner broke late late late + I wasn’t home til after midnight 9 messages – 6 of them from some damn kids.