Went to the office and got more of Dick’s things. Couldn’t find alot of stuff at first and the place horribly cluttered + dirty. Full brandy bottle there on Dick’s drawing board. Called the Retreat to say I’d be late + Mrs. Manino said “I don’t think he wants you to punch a time clock dear.” I got out about noon + Dick told me he didn’t think he was going to be staying there. That Dr. Hartley seemed to think he’d be better off at Sunrise in the Medical floor. I wasn’t completely convinced at first but then was after being there a while. For a while I’d thought Dick had imagined it. I napped there + did some crocheting on the blanket I’m so half heartedly making for Drue. I left about 5:30 or 6:00. The print is too fine on the books I brought Dick and he can’t concentrate yet anyway. He seems to have lost a little weight which is good and he likes the staff at least and Dr. Hartley which is very important. After I left I went back to the El Cortez + lost what I won yesterday. Then to the store to buy some food + beer. Home at 9:30 or so. Had expected George + Judy some time after 10 But they were sleeping in the car in the driveway having gotten an early start They came in + we got them settled + Brian on the couch in the living room. He was intrigued with our slot machine and played for half an hour or so while Judy showered + dried her hair + George + I had a beer. I went out with them to the Hacienda which was stupid. Got very drunk and lost $300. But we had a good time [crossed out letter] (until I began to feel drunk + sort of sick.) Home at 4am.