Up early. Called Mary + she had called Newcomb last night + both he + her lawyer feel she should give Marge her written consent to the wedding. + they’ll stand by if Allen should attempt reprisals in the form of keeping the twins next summer. (Mary called yesterday + I pretended I had to go out as there was so much on my own mind I couldn’t think). I called the Desert Retreat and Dick had had a fairly good night – was still sleeping. I spoke with Shirley over the telephone and she was in tears by the end of the conversation. Evidently the last two months in the office have been terrible and she’s been aware that Dick wanted to let her go + didn’t seem suddenly to trust her etc. I wish I’d known alot of this from her point of view alot earlier. After hanging up I sent her flowers at home telling her she should have been named Patience. Also sent flowers to Rich Ware to be delivered tomorrow on his birthday. Called George + Judy + suggested they stay here both nights. Fixed meatloaf for dinner. Went to [crossed out letters] the Greyhound bus terminal + picked up Harold’s pkge Then went down to Dana McKay’s and registered + paid. I start Monday – “no eating. drinking, smoking or chewing gum.” Went out to see Dick. Had lunch with him + was there about 4 1/2 hours. We saw Judy Spicer on Password. Sat with a few of the other patients. [crossed out word] Talked quite a bit with Mike, Dick not feeling very well but it’s early on. No change in his mind about the time period. He wants more of his things and he wants to see Jack. We made a list of things for him to ask Hartley for as everything has to be checked out. I left about 5. Stopped at the El Cortez with Dick’s chips and tried to make a little money. Lost instead. Home about 6:30 or 7:00 – Dinner + talked with Bob actually he talks and I half listen. We went out to the Hacienda for an hour and a half + I made $100 (therefore absolutely even for the day) and he made $60. We’d set a time limit + came home then. I went straight to bed (11 o’clock) Felt a little guilty as Dick wouldn’t have liked it but I’m at 6’s + 7’s right now. Can’t seem to get a routine established but that too is going to take time. [crossed out letters] The only important thing is getting Dick well.